About Us
We believe that Perfected Worship Centre is a place where you and your family can mature and develop in your intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Let us co-labor with you in order for you to understand your spiritual gifts, calling and purpose in the Kingdom of God.  
We are excited about what the Father desires to do in your life! 
      Cory and Yolanda Parker
         Perfected Worship Centre
      Virtuous Ministries, Inc.
      White Plains, MD
Cory and Yolanda have been anointed to prophetically sing, play, preach and teach the Word of God. 
     In September 2015,  Perfected Worship Centre was planted in White Plains, MD.  It is a multi-cultural, non-denominational house where JESUS is the CENTRE of it all.  God has put a mandate on Cory and Yolanda to, “usher in the prophetic voice to the region of Southern Maryland in concert with other ministries that are assigned to carry the mantle of prophetic intercession in the region”.  The defining characteristic of Perfected Worship Centre is the manifested Presence of God in every worship service.  It is an atmosphere where “the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud”, according to 2 Chronicles 5:13-14.  
God gave Yolanda the vision for Virtuous Ministries in January 2009, but, when He blessed her with Cory in November 2012, there was immediate increase and expansion of the ministry  to include: seminars for spiritual and emotional healing, extensive training in deliverance, equipping/operating in the five-fold ascension gifts and prophetic worship and intercession.  Cory is an ordained Elder in the Lord’s Church.  Yolanda is an ordained Pastor and Prophet in the Lord’s Church.
With a tender heart for souls, Cory, an anointed minstrel and Psalmist, effortlessly shifts the atmosphere with the Wind of the Spirit of God.  The melody that plays in Heaven is brought to the earth through his ministry on the keyboard. The Sound breaks chains and makes way for healing and deliverance to occur.  Yolanda, a powerful intercessor/midwife, is an anointed Psalmist who ministers the mind and heart of God to His people through the prophetic Song of the Lord.  She is a demon-busting, fire walker that is appointed for the End Times to bring the Bride into alignment with Her purpose.
     Cory and Yolanda travel throughout the country teaching the Word of God and training worship teams to navigate the Heavens through prophetic songs birthed from prayer and intercession.  Together, they minister in song ushering in the presence of God through prophetic praise and worship.