How To Know If You Have A Soul Tie


 First let us define what a soul tie is…

What is a soul tie?

“Soul bondage or soul ties result from any joining together. Soul bondage or soul ties are the cleaving together of bodies, spirits, or souls in a relationship whereby two souls are joined or knitted together and become as one.” (Epperson)

Although the term “soul tie” is not found in Scripture, the words

knit or cleave

, which is found in Scripture illustrate the concept of joining together with someone or something.
Matthew 19:5,

 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?

It is possible to have a physical, spiritual or emotional soul tie.

Before we go deeper into that, let’s look go to the Scriptures and see a healthy soul tie between David and Jonathan and an unhealthy soul tie between Shechem and Dinah. Just as God has designed healthy covenants with people, Satan produces a counterfeit resulting in an unhealthy soul tie.

1 Samuel 18:1-4

And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

And Saul took him that day, and would let him go no more home to his father’s house.

Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.

And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his garments, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.

Genesis 34:1-8

And Dinah the daughter of Leah, which she bare unto Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land.

And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw her, he took her, and lay with her, and defiled her.

And his soul clave unto Dinah the daughter of Jacob, and he loved the damsel, and spake kindly unto the damsel.

And Shechem spake unto his father Hamor, saying, Get me this damsel to wife.

And Jacob heard that he had defiled Dinah his daughter: now his sons were with his cattle in the field: and Jacob held his peace until they were come.

And Hamor the father of Shechem went out unto Jacob to commune with him.

And the sons of Jacob came out of the field when they heard it: and the men were grieved, and they were very wroth, because he had wrought folly in Israel in lying with Jacob’s daughter: which thing ought not to be done.

And Hamor communed with them, saying, The soul of my son Shechem longeth for your daughter: I pray you give her him to wife.

Let’s Discuss a few more soul ties…….

  1. God-empowered ties
  2. Unholy Satan-Empowered Ties
  3. Non-sexual bonding ties
  4. Spiritual Adultery
  5. God-Empowered Ties (From “Healing of the Spirit”)

Ties that are God-empowered and blessed include those that are just and healthy within the “husband and wife” relationship in marriage, the parent and child relationship, sibling relationships, and other extended relative relationships (Gen. 2:24, Mat. 19:4-9, etc.). When these soul ties are disrupted by death, divorce, or adultery, wounding can be severe.

  1. Unholy Satan-Empowered Ties

Unholy ties created by immoral sexual activities (and by dark vows, covenants, curses, oaths, and organizational secret oaths) are Satan-empowered and are an abomination to God. Sexual sins produce unholy spiritual and physical soul ties .

  1. Non-Sexual Bonding Ties

Non-sexual bonding ties develop when one person dominates another in a manner not designed of God. Sometimes unhealthy non-sexual soul ties are developed with parents, mentors or friends—those whom we strongly admire or with whom we have a close or intimate relationship. Often these are evident in co-dependent relationships. Two ties that fall under this category are: Obsessive entanglements with a person (giving them more authority in your life than you give to God)

Controlling relationships: Church leadership, work, parents, friends or relatives.

  1. Spiritual Adultery

Spiritual adultery takes place (1) when a marriage partner gives to someone else what belongs only to their mate (for instance, giving personal and intimate communications from the heart or sharing deep fellowship with another), (2) when a marriage partner’s heart has not yet learned to embrace (what should be) it’s only source of manhood or womanhood in their marital companion, (3) when flirting with or passionately kissing someone who is not your mate, or (4) when sharing innermost feelings with another (who is not a counselor).

Indicators that you have an unholy soul tie in operation:

  1. Confusion

When you are outside of the God’s will, there will be confusion with every decision you make and every plan you attempt to follow. This relationship, or soul tie will cause your feelings to say one thing, yet your spirit tells you something different. The truth will always override a lie, that is why it is important to bathe every relationship in prayer and keep God in the middle asking every step of the way, “God, how do you want me to proceed in this relationship.” 1 Corinthians 14:33, For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. If there is an absence of peace in the relationship, that means something is not right. The Holy Spirit is trying to get your attention—do not ignore these warnings.

  1. Misery

Anxiety, sorrow and pain is the result of continuing to do something that we know God is not in agreement with. Feeling disgusted about what you are doing, all the while not having the will power to change our situation could leave us feeling defeated and miserable. All we have to do is cry out to God in this situation and Psalm 23 tells us that He will restore our souls. God will restore our mind, our will and emotions. He can re-set us.

  1. Torment

2 Corinthians 10:5, Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; When we have a ungodly soul tie, our minds experience torment: whether we are rehearsing old hurts, or arguments, having thoughts that make us feel dirty or worthless. When we have peace with God, our minds cannot be tormented no matter what is going on around us. If we stay vigilant of the fact that Satan will use a soul tie to steal our destiny, destroy our peace and kill our hope in a forgiving Father, then we will used the Word as a weapon against him when our minds are being tormented. When an ungodly thought comes, we SPEAK, not THINK the Word until our peace is returned. The devil hates when the Word is spoken and the Name of Jesus is called. Torment the one who has been tormenting you.

  1. Disobedience

We disobey God for a number of reasons when it comes to severing a soul tie.

  1. We hope the person will change and somehow turn out to be good for us.
  2. We hope that God will change us and make the situation better.
  3. Our flesh does not want to let it go
  4. It’s too uncomfortable to do what God is telling us to do.
  5. It’s too painful to make a choice between God and this person or thing.
  6. We don’t believe it is God telling us to get out of the situation.

Culled from Terri Savelle Foy Ministries, “4 Indicators of Wrong Soul Ties”,


(“Soul Ties”, Kris Vallotton,

  1. You are in a physically, and/or emotionally, and/or spiritually abusive relationship, but you “feel” so attached to them that you refuse to cut off the connection and set boundaries with them.
  2. You have left a relationship (maybe long ago), but you think about the other person obsessively (you can’t get them out of your mind).
  3. Whenever you do anything – make a decision, have a conversation with someone etc., you “feel” like this person is with you or watching you.
  4. When you have sex with someone else (hopefully your husband or wife), you can hardly keep yourself from visualizing the person you have a soul tie with.
  5. You take on the negative traits of the person that your soul is tied to and carry their offenses whether or not you actually agree with them.
  6. You defend your right to stay in a relationship with the person that your soul is tied to, even though it is negatively effecting or even destroying the important relationships in your life (husband, wife, kids, leaders, etc.)
  7. You have simultaneous experiences and/or “moods” as the person your soul is tied to. This can even include sickness, accidents, addictions etc.

How To Break Soul Ties

Prayer for Sexual Sins (from, “Healing of the Spirit”, Arlin Epperson, 2014)

The prayer for release from sexual sins and bondage (or soul ties) should cover the following areas:

  1. Pray for forgiveness.
  2. Pray for release and loosing.
  3. Pray to break the power of inherited lust; pray to forgive the one who introduced the problem into the family line.
  4. Pray for breaking of all soul ties between the seeker and every other partner or previous husband to which they are no longer married.
  •  Pray that the sword of the Spirit will separate each partner and break every soul ?tie. ?
  •  Place the cross of Jesus between each partner and cover them with the blood of ?Jesus. ?
  •  “Loose” each partner from these unholy unions. ?
  •  In the name of Jesus, declare the spirits of the persons involved in immorality to ?be separated. ?
  •  Take authority (in Jesus’ name), breaking any satanic power that exists in the per- ?son’s life as a result of illicit sex, non-sexual bondage, or spiritual adultery. ?

4. If they are currently married to a “born again” spouse, pray that God will recognize the current union as the “twain shall be one flesh” mentioned in Gen 2:24 and Mark 10:2-12).

  1. Pray for cleansing of body, soul, and spirit.
  •  Pray to cleanse the person’s mind of pornographic images, ungodly sexual expe- riences and all sinful thoughts, words, deeds and acts. ?
  •  Pray to cleanse the eyes that have looked upon what they should not have seen. ?
  •  Pray to cleanse the ears from whatever they have heard that is unholy. ?
  •  Pray to cleanse the mouth, skin, hands, and sexual organs from what they have ?touched. ?
  1. Pray against any spirits of immorality, pornography, and unusual sexual practices, particularly if the seeker has had an experience with a prostitute or with an animal. ?
  2. Pray the seeker is released from all iniquities and from the consequences of these sins. ?
  3. Pray the Lord heal all of these experiences so that Satan can no longer use them for evil ?purposes. ?
  4. Pray the seeker is healed of all guilt and shame. ?
  5. Pray for healing of all these sins and soul ties, that these be covered by the blood of Je?sus. ?
  6. For single people, pray that all the “normal sexual emotions” be channeled into other ?acceptable and appropriate activities. ?
  7. Pray release from any immorality or polygamy of their forefathers. ?
  8. Renounce “Baal” (the god of sexual depravity) in the name of Jesus. ?