Part Three: Have An Expectation of His Visitation

When the President of the United States is schedule to visit a place, there are many preparations made in advance of his arrival. Everyone is on high alert and expecting. There is no disorder and chaos. Everyone is ready and in position to receive this highly esteemed guest. So, when he does finally walk into the room, everyone is attentive and gives honor because of what he represents. It is the same way with God. While we are waiting for His arrival, we are expecting something great. We have our hearts attuned to His nudgings, we have our ears tuned to His Sound and we are ready to receive Him and give Him honor. We are ready to hear what He has to say. We are ready to partner with Him in whatever He needs accomplished in and through us. We honor Him because of what He represents: One who loved us first, One who gave His only Son that we might have life more abundantly, healing in His wings, Salvation, Mercy, Protection, Wisdom, Deliverance, Peace, Glory, Righteousness, Power, Sovereignty and Honor just to name a few. This is what the Kingdom of God represents—so, we show it the proper respect. So, this weightiness, that we talked about earlier is recognizing and understanding that we serve a God who can change EVERYTHING by just His presence being with us.